Xbox one Borderlands 1 looking for help

Hey everyone I recently just bought a brand new xbox one and thought i’d start up borderlands that used to be on my 360. Well I lost my save file with my character which really sucked. I’m looking for some new people to play and grind with for some weapons or loot or maybe just playing through the story. Been having a hard time finding any games with more than 1 person. gamertag is Jaykewl00

When you’re a bit higher level, I have some loot I can drop you (all normal mode level gear though). It’s just clogging up inventory space right now. GT:Alkymist96. I don’t have any really low characters though.

Thank you that sounds great I’ll add you when I get home. What level is the gear? I’ll make sure to level up a bit more when I get on, your welcome to join my game if you’d like to