Xbox one Borderlands 2 friends

I’m looking to make a few friends who would want to play borderlands 2. I play quite a bit and was going to start ultimate vault hunter mode. ^-^ I’m cool with farming, doing side missions, story, whatever. My gamertag is baptismed c:

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add my gt frixity I usually do raid bosses often

My gamertag is Coltzk95, im on all the time and am really down to do whatever :smile:

My GT is R3tardedUnicorn. I’m on most of the time

My Gt is Grante75, I’m happy to help.

Level 47 Salvador GT:WofulRaptor

Gt: JrBoyZer0
Lvl 72 Gaige OP8, I’ll lend a hand

Looking for anyone to help me out. Rather new to the game and wanted to start ultimate vault hunter. LVL 51 Siren. Decent gear but in need of help. Msg me at JewBrugCabra if your interested

Add me too, I have a 64 commando. Any level is fine. Looking to do endgame soon.

GT: Immense Pradeje hit me up i’m always down

Xbox One - Borderlands 2.

Gamertag - GhostWolfViking

Anyone can add me.

I have a headset and mic.

Level 72 Mechromancer, 72 Gunserker, 72 Siren Op 8, 72 Assassin, 50 Psycho, 50 Commando.

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GT tobi20. Looking to have some fun with other people for once.

Gt RCCA II Kahuna and me

Add me donny0999

Hit me up. GT: milicia force. I have OP 8 assassin, gunzerker, siren, and mechromancer

New to Borderlands 2 trying to level up and learn the tricks. be a lot more fun with some friends. I have a mic GT: DotingSleet29

my gt is pbclown10, add me

GT: Tbrizzle123
Lvl: 50 assassin
I will power level or help
Also need powerleveling to 71