Xbox One Borderlands 2 need some peeps to play with

Need some people to play with level 34 nechromancer, planning to play for 2 days to hit 72, feel free to add ( Clentok )

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Got you moved to the X1 section. Happy looting!

Hey I’m a lv 34 mecromancer 2 if u want to play

gt is kennwoodd 52 commando

Doty69 several different levels

Feel free to add me I’m willing to help anyone out anytime on borderlands 2 in prolly the most bad ass level 72 OP 8 siren around gt is X Dirty Star X I’m also just starting the presequal

Can you help me out?

Yea just add me I’ll be back on tomorrow

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I can help you. Lv 64 siren doing 2nd play through of uvhm