Xbox One Borderlands Handsome Collection online multiplayer connectivity issues

A bit over a year ago (most likely in late 2015, I don’t remember the exact date), I purchased Borderlands The Handsome Collection on Xbox One. When I was playing I could never find anyone to play with. No matter what I did, the game would never connect with anyone else (on either Borderlands 2 or the Pre-Sequel), and would inform me that there must have been a problem with my connection (other multiplayer games on my Xbox One worked fine). From the main menu or in-game, I could never connect with friends or join or host public matches. This must have been an issue with the game’s servers. I’ve since switched back to the Xbox 360 versions of the Borderlands games, the multiplayer aspects of which work fine on that platform. I am considering getting the Handsome Collection again, however. My question is: Has a solution to the multiplayer connectivity been found or are the connectivity issues with the game still persisting?

There are lingering connection issues. Usually, I’ll be able to connect just fine. Sometimes, either I or the person I’m trying to connect with will need to set their game settings to private, then switch them back to invite or friends only (whatever it was before.) In extreme cases, I’ll need to temporarily join an open public match, then quit and join my friends game.

Apparently (and you can check out the long connectivity issues thread in this sub-section), the game periodically tries to use stale connection data, and gets itself stuck in some kind of loop, leading to a connection timeout. Successfully purging this stale data seems to get things working again.

If you have a dodgy internet connection, or if you’re connecting your console to your home internet connection using the XB1 built-in WiFi, it’s possible you may have more problems than others. Certainly, there does some to be quite a bit of variation in the difficulties experienced by different people.

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