XBOX ONE Club For Forum Users

I see there is a post for the comprehensive list of current players on XBone, how about we create a club on the console itself for people from here to get together and so on? We can post our screenshots/game clips to it, chat via the chat room function, etc. If you guys think you’d like to do this, reply here. I will create it and a handful of you can be Admins :smiley:


I would love to be part of this club, sounds like it could be a lot of fun!


Well there would currently be two of us, haha. I’ll see how much interest (if any) this thread gets, if we get more than 20 interested parties then I can make it happen :slight_smile:

Sounds neat

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Sounds awesome! The one decent club that does exist banned me cause I asked about a gun in the general chat and that’s apparently not allowed. Please set something up as id love to play with y’all! Also it would be a great way for people to reach out for power leveling which I can help out with.

Ok I can make one, we need a name though. Borderlands Community is taken, as is Pandoras Box. I was thinking something like The LootPsychos, but didn’t know if that was a little bit lame… ideas please!

That’s the one! The admin for that club is an ■■■■■■■. I messaged one of the admins for it and asked why I was banned and he said the owner was a bit of a dick. I will think hard about a good name however I like LootPsychos

I’m down and I think I could get some others from the forum. I’m not sure if some of you are new to the game (I know btk has been around) but it really helps picking the brains of players with knowledge of the game.

Great idea.

Gt: getmused
Xbox one
Please send Xbox msg first. Let me know who you are

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-Badass bandits
-Tina and Scarlett’s badass loot hunt

Honestly I’d love to see some classic quotes. Wait that should be a thread

I like the idea.

GT: Kurtdawg13

There seems to be some interest so I will make the club later, and let you know the final name :slight_smile:

How about the name “Talking Claptrap”?

This may not translate but in the UK this refers to talking nonsense, so it works :slight_smile:

since we are all Vault Hunters. why not “Vault Hunters”?

Already used, sadly.

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well, that was my two cents worth. lol

Thanks for the suggestion though. I have tried several of the more obvious ones to see what’s available, but a lot have been used.

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why not tie the forums into your naming scheme. since, this is for the community members here in the forum. maybe it should be “Border-forum-lands” I’m not very creative… lol

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GT: UNLO4D3D you can message me here or on XB1 I’ll likely get it sooner on XB1 though

Name suggestion

I made the group, it’s called Unkempt Vault Hunters. This name is a placeholder and I can change it later when we finalise the name :slight_smile:

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