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Hi everyone I’d like to get involved in making some friends that actually play this game. I’ve been going at it solo for awhile now and well, I’m getting bored.
GT is GeneralPrismX
Feel free to add me message me I’m down to help with what I can. I’d like to get a good team going eventually. Ty

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Add me!

GT: ZabuzaMomochee

I am usually to lazy to start up parties myself but if you invite me I will usually hop in.

Also, there is an Xbox Co-op section at the bottom of this forum where this thread should go. I think a mod will move this for you though! :slight_smile:

I´m usually playing with my fiance, so if you need 2 mates for PvE (mostly, I´m a total PvP newbie and yet a bit anxious to join there…) feel free to add us! :heart:


PS: Moving your topic to the X-Box1 section :slight_smile:

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Gt: Alpacadude01

Feel free to add me.

add me. im new to this game. pve only as of now.
gt: Papito Panda

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I’m always looking for a good group my GT is FlamesonFire14

Added all the above thx

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Feel free to add me!
GT: Night Lich
I’m good with PvE and PvP

You play ISIC somewhat amazing - kudos! :smile: Seems not to be my day though, never ever had such a misely tiny killcount before lol

354k damage yeah that was nuts lol

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Guess I´m spoiled from all the PUG-games, but usually I don´t go under 150000damage/ at least 100 kills (Algorithm). The last Orendi I saw that was this bad was a level 3 newbie :sob:

But hell, I´m awake for over 20 hours now, I just push the blame there. More kills for you guys.

Though I was kinda surprised we got Gold in Sabotuer, I thought we´d never survive the first wave.

you should add me gt mr caldarius or something i dont know i forgot what talking to other people is like since solo grinding is a pain but word of warning though its hard to play the game while being active in the community at least when you arnt waiting on ques :stuck_out_tongue:

I completed every mission on every difficulty, always happy to help any one with PvE

GT: Tim JC Estrello

I’ll add everyone on who posts in here just add me back please

That random was cracking me up in the saboteur. Every single enemy was identified and he was in constant order giving freak out mode lmao :joy:

Thx dude. You can maximize Isic Dps capibilty if you have two sets of gear that’s have attack speed.

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Lol. He sound like one of narrator guilds on youtube.

Most seem not to get a good hang of him, me included^^ Was a good round with Phoebe, don´t know what happenend in the Algorithm though, everything I wanted to kill was already dead when I hit the button :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

At all rather okay considered these were my very first advanced missions - I first got its on advanced in the middle of the Saboteur lol

Getting some awesome games in I encourage everyone who is on Xbox to add and I’ll add back. Never can have too many :+1:t3:

Sweet been looking for a group since getting this game a week ago add me if you like :slight_smile: can’t get enough of the PvP

GT: benfc1993