Xbox One Connection Issues?

So I have almost never had issues with my connection before. Little to no glitching or rubber banding, even when I have gone split screen it has always worked beautifully.

Today I got online with a friend to play on split screen and every match it story mission we played started off well and ended up with red bars telling us our connection was horrible, glitches, rubber banding around. At one point my friend grew tired of it and put down his controller after he died, then after respawning his character jumped to the center of the map without him touching his controller and he dies again lol.

We reset our router twice, restarted the Xbox and the game. Any reason this could be happening? My internet connection is generally superb, never had this issue before >.<

I would check your internet connection with another game. I started having connectivity problems on my xbox on Thursday night. Was getting annoyed and eventually decided to play some PvZ instead, just to find out the connection problems were there as well. I’ve got a 76MB line, and never had issues either. I’m still having issues though. Been off BB for 5 days now. :sob: Fighting daily with my provider to sort it out.

Darn, thanks for the heads up. I will give it a try.

Good luck!

I had red bars on splitscreen as well yesterday. Also on xbone. Never had any problems maybe clear cache on the xbox?

Another thing you can do if problems crop up again is check at for your particular game netwwork (e.g. XBL). The outage map is fairly useful since problems may be regional, and not show up on the main MS XBL status page.

Tyvm! You guys have been much help!