Xbox one controller drifts to the right

So over the last year or so I have noticed that my character will drift toward the right when I’m not touching my controller. At first I thought it was the controller itself, though it was only maybe 6 months old. I bought another controller and it continued. I updated all controllers and even checked sensitivity settings on Xbox and in game. No matter what I try I literally have to stop my character from moving to the right everytime I stop or change locations or fast travel. I don’t notice this with other games I play, even older borderlands games. So I am wondering if this is an Xbox issue, a game issue, or a controller issue. Have any of you experienced this and has it happened on pc or Playstation and what about on new consoles. It’s not a huge problem or game breaking but sometimes I walk away from my console and my character isn’t where I left them and sometimes walks off a cliff. Thanks and I look forward to hearing your reply

The analog stick is receiving input while you aren’t applying any… Weird that you changed controls and it still happened… Inner dead zone, I’m not at the screen atm but I’m pree sure.

Edit: yeah I experience it on a DualShock 4, the analog is soooo sensitive the air can move it :slight_smile: this isn’t a bad thing but requires adjustment in games that respond to the slightest input.

Yes, no pressure and it drifts to the right. Has done it in this game only and since it came out and likening said 2 rather new controllers. Ill recheck my settings again and see what happens. But like I said not game breaking just curious if anyone else has had this issue.

Edit: so I went back into settings under control and did notice my deadzones had been lowered a bit and reset to default. Ill do some testing and see. Im an older gamer so tbh im not sure what exactly dead zone does. Though I did turn my sensitivities up to 5 on both sticks. I can do pics if that helps

Theres my settings, I have 2 controllers and they have each have the issue but one is left stick the other right. They are just very sensitive, to the weight of the plastic stick even lol

Should also mention new controllers in my experience are all this way, I had auto walk in Fallout 4, and Darksouls 3 was unplayable because walking forwards smoothly couldn’t be achieved the analog stick was just that sensitive out of the box. I had to wear the stick in, months later the input reception dulled or rather became accurate. They’re touchy

My setup up was actually to the left on inner and outer from default. So I think mine were even less sensitive. With that setup are you experiencing drift? It always happens after fast traveling. And it does seem to not be doing it now that I switched back to default. Thanks for the help with this

I have no drift and trust me the constant reticle creeping to the floor was killing me :slight_smile:

Thanks again will actually give your setup a try and see how that works out

It is the game. I’ve had this issue between 8 different controllers (some new, some old), also between Xbox and pc. I turned my inner deadzone up to 15 and that fixes it for me while not deadening the sensitivity too much.

Yeah thats what I did today seems to fix it had to turn sensitivity on both sticks up to 7 though. But it did stop the drifting