XBOX ONE CTT | | Looking for casual players to team with if they received their code

Since I just received my code for Xbox one, I’m looking for a group of casual players to join up with me in the CTT once it starts. I’m not sure how big a single team is, anyone mind informing me. Anyways, my GT is Gamerstreak1998. Leave your GT below and I will add you as well.

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I would suggest waiting for the CTT forum to go up which should be up by the time the test starts on Thursday from what I have read. That would be a better place to find players to play with. You won’t be the only one that’s Lfg I promise you.

There are several threads already on these forums for people LFG. Try this or this. :smiley:

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Hey add me I’m on now just Inv me to a party. Fa11en insanity