XBox One: Double Game Add On not recognised

I’ve installed BL1 ok from disc (original) on my XOne and have accessed my save games ok through the cloud.

I only have two DLCs showing as purchased though - Secret Armoury and Robot Revolution - which I bought digitally.

I can’t get the XOne to recognise the “Double Game Add-On Pack: Zombie Island & Mad Moxxi” disc to install those though.

I dont want to buy them again as I have the disc. What are my options?


Did you check the locations in the fast travel? I’m playing BL1 on XB1 also, and the store is always showing that I haven’t purchased content, but I know at least some of the “missing” DLC content is clearly on the FT list.

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@VaultHunter101 Has given some sound advice, and it has worked for others in the past.

If for some reason it shouldn’t though, I always suggest a two pronged method; asking the forum and putting in a support ticket.

If you haven’t done the latter;

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I’ll try both thanks, have several characters so its possible 1 or more may already be in that location btu I’ll deffo try a FT a station.

Just loaded up my game, and can confirm that all four DLC starting locations are on the fast travel without having to do any secondary installation - it’s all bundled in the digital download you get when you insert a BL1 game disk.

Aye this worked ok, I was actually driving over the Moxxi’s Red Light Bar and trying to get into Underdome that way…

Looking forward to a re-run of all BL now, happy times.

Its also on GWG this month so my disc version should get replaced by the digital version and I’ll not need the disc in the drive anymore (this has happened with other games on GWG that I have on disc then DL digitally)

Cheers for help.