Xbox one farming

Hey everyone, not sure if I’m posting in the right place but I’ve got a lvl 72 siren in uvhm and I’m looking for people to farm with and kill raid bosses, only rule is that you don’t rush past everyone and loot alone in a group. If anyone is interested send a message to me on xbox one @ Sensitive Bill

No, this wasn’t posted in the right place. But I moved it to where it should be.
Happy looting!

Thanks, I’ve never used this before, and I’m getting tired of playing this game by myself or with people that just run the whole time and then take loot before you even get to see the guy drop it…

That sounds like the general experience one runs into when playing random online games. It’s not fun.
You’ll definitely be able to find better mannered and more fun people here!

I hope you’re right, I love this game!!!