Xbox one - friends list (maybe xbox 360 too)

My gamertag is:


Add me for any flavor of Borderlands.

When the backwards compatibility update for xbox one comes out for everyone I will likely play a new BL1 character on the xbox one if anyone is interested. I hear it might even be crossplatform at that point if you want to join from the xbox 360.

I’d most likely be interested in playing as Lilith or Mordecai. And I’d play all the way up to max level plus Knoxx/Crawmerax farming.

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All three hmu FusedKush

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GT: CGANacMacFeegle

I will definitely be starting a fresh run when backwards compatibility comes out.

From what I understand, its a Emulator, so you’re technically playing on an xbox360, as you won’t earn xbox 1 achievements, but you can earn xbox 360 achievements, so maybe you will be able to play with 360 players.

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Yea. I still have my 360 but I have a feeling that a bunch of people will be playing it when that patch hits, so there’s that. I think it’s also just that time to revisit a classic. Destiny is starting to feel more grindy again (increasing your light past 290, ugh). Battleborn technical test sounds like it will end soon (this weekend? it’s unclear). I am ignoring halo 5 and cod black ops 3 for the moment. I might redbox rent both at some point.

Other than that it’s borderlands 2, tps, or warframe.

Yes it’s matchmaking is linked with 360 and last time I played (about two weeks ago) there were a ton of matchmaking games available so I don’t think that the matchmaking health will be a problem

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