Xbox One Game Opening Sounds Are Too Loud - QOL

I’m not sure how it is on PC or PS4, but the initial sound when the opening…what would you call them, (tags? adverts? credits? ) play, are incredibly loud.

Can we get them turned down from 11 to something closer to what we have our game-settings set to?

If that’s not possible due to the user settings file not being loaded yet, then please just have them resampled to a more reasonable volume.

Here are my settings, in case you’re wondering “Why don’t they just turn down their volume?”

  • Master = 100
  • Sound Effects = 90
  • Music = 70
  • Dialogue = 100
  • Player Callouts = Off
  • Sound Mode = Small Speakers

My TV volume is at 10 out of 100. That’s loud enough for me to hear the game fine. But those opening riffs, I have to drop my TV volume to 5 or less just so I don’t wake up the whole house.