Xbox one game unistalled and erased all data

I was playing this morning on tvhm level 50 moze. I had to stop to take my daughter to school and left my xbox on with game paused. When I get back home I see the xbox is at the home screen and I click to start Borderlands 3. It informs me that the game is not installed, see in Microsoft store. I click to manage my game and I see everything is unistalled, and worse yet my save data is gone! A level 50 moze, all legendary guns and items, gone. Flak level 50 gone, a level 28 Zane gone. A level 13 amara gone. Please help I tried looking for a bug reporting on this site and was unable to find one. Please tell me there is hope.

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I want to send an update. Looks like thanks to xbox cloud saving my data all may not be lost, but it is still worrying that the game would just uninstall everything. I own the super deluxe edition, digital version. Have to re install everything.

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The same thing just happened to me. I haven’t played there for 2 weeks (I’m waiting for the second DLC) and this morning when I wanted to replay everything was done. My other games (Borderlands 1 and Handsome) are still present in the console. There I am downloading everything again, hoping not to have lost all my 53 characters and the legendaries!

Please submit a support ticket