Xbox One Handsome Collection gamertags

Looking to play Handsome Collection with whomever.

Gamertag: Matrixneo42

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I might get in on it bro,I’m just waiting to see if theres PhysX blood particles and such before I decide to buy

I think there’s a decent chance of that. I give it at least 90%. But no need to rush. We will know soon enough.

True,I’ll know on the 24th and I think I’ll be going the digital DL so i could get it right away pending reveiws

I went digital here too. Eventually all those discs take up too much room. And make your wife question if you need all of them.

Lol so true,they can pyhisically see how much you’ve actually spent which in turn triggers their inherent natural dislike for video games which in turn leaves you with “but honey they were on sale” or “a friend gave or lent them to me”

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She has tryed to play that game with me before, then I ask how many shoes does she need


I have THC pre loaded on my Xbone so I’ll def be playing at midnight launch (EST). I’m starting fresh, whoever wants to party up my gt: iNF4mOuSxMiKE … Idc if we do BL2 or TPS.

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I need a group for Midnight so I’m down. I’m EST time zone! Will be starting fresh, as I don’t have my Xbox 360 anymore. Played the heck out of BL2 so I have a good idea of what im doing, though that was well over a year ago, so I’ll have to get adjusted again. Add me as a friend and send me a message on Xbox so I know where you’re from. My GT is X Novia X
See Ya tomorrow!

GamerTag: Qlipphotic

GamerTag: KSI Xandir1769
If you catch me online send me a message, I’ll be down to play anytime.
The only time I won’t is on weekdays after 9 P.M. PST

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Gt undefeatdgaul definitely looking for some people I can play with. Lvl 12 axton right now

Edit lvl 16 now.

Got pretty good with zero when the cap was still 50. Add me if you wanna shoot some ■■■■ up BTW I could use a level boost lol gamertag upec

i had a lv 60 siren in borderlands 2 or the highest lv dont remember what was the highest. Since i got this for xbox one and i sold my 360 a long time ago I would like it if someone could help me level up my siren. I still have yet to play the last DLC for borderlands 2 and i never played the pre-sequal since i sold my xbox so if you want to play that as well hit me up on my gamer tag Dizangel

DigestedLemming is my gamertag I have various characters on borderlands 2 my strongest is level 71. Im playing tps as claptrap right now and would love some help

Gt tarteninja 97 willing to help out anyone on bl2 Haveint played the pre-sequal yet

Ate you willing to level me just 5 levels, do I can wear my gear?

Im lvl 5 also but Im down to play with Anyone, im down to start from scratch for anyone that wants to do that or just play with my level 5 but if anoyone wants to play with me…

HMU on GT:Kaye2dajaye99

Gamertag: PatZ911GT3

searching for some players that want to play bl on the one
because my old fellas are still playing at the xb360
played each char to op8 in BL2 badass rank is 85 k i belive
and tps i got nisha on 70 and the others lower

just join if u need help or just wanna play but no lvling the games are worthy to play and not to lvl just up

I’m down for whatever on BL2 but still new to TPS

GT: Tbatty25