Xbox one hard reset every most the time i try to enter online in BL3

I don’t know if any one could help me or not but any way most the time i try going online to play BL3 with other people. My xbox one X hard resets it self to day it did this 3 time in a row trying to play the new dlc with other players. I reset console my xbox and re downloaded everything i reset my internet modem just in case that the problem and no change. I never had this problem be for so not sheer what to do here .

By the way i been having problem with the game when it first came out and it does let me play online when it lets me.

Unfortunately, this seems to be a common problem, and not just when joining co-op sessions either - there’s a whole thread of people with the same issue, all on XB1X. At this point, it looks like a solution will have to come in the form of a patch but there’s been no word on that to date.

i hope they patch it soon it would be nice play the game with no probloms


Sorry to say, don’t expect a solution. This problem has existed since day 1 for many 1X users, and there has been absolutely zero done about it.

Note also, the mods of this forum are not employed by Gearbox or 2K, hence why they sympathize but cannot provide direction or any relevant update to the situation.

The only people that care, can do nothing about it. Those whom can actually address the issue, have chosen not to.

Im going to be honest this kind of problem make me want to go back to BL2

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It makes me rage at the prospect of how much money they have made on this.
Its makes me happy to think about the financial hit they took on Battleborn, and root for the prospect of it happening again.

I hope when the next level cap comes most the problems well be gone