Xbox One Holiday Update - LFG and Clubs

Hey fellow X1ers!

The Xbox One Holiday Update has started to roll out today. (More info here:

Just curious to see if anyone has/is considering establishing a Battleborn-specific Club to help us all find each other and play together.


I know two people in the preview program who both started clubs as well. Is there any way to merge these things after the fact? Is there a search tool for game-specific clubs?

I believe “Battleborn Players” is currently the highest member Club right now if anyone wants to join.


Thanks! I’ll check it out.

I’m still not seeing a Club thing on my UI. Where exactly is it located?

Have you installed the newest update? I had to go into my settings to force-install mine. I know it’s rolling out in waves otherwise.

But, once the update is installed, you can find the Clubs option via the Community tab.

Took a look and the last system update was October 12th. I tried to force an update but the first time I just got odd “failed to start” messages. Went back and did it again, and it seems to be downloading now, but this could take a while…

I think it took me about 20 minutes total. Good luck!

Went shopping and it was done by the time I got back. Found the clubs - holy carp that’s a lot of Battleborn clubs!

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There sure are. I joined the “Battleborn Players” one @Synther mentioned above. :slight_smile:

You on-line right now? Want to run some story or OPs?

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No, I’m at work right now. :stuck_out_tongue: But I will be on in about an hour and a half or so!

OK GT:Alkymist96

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I’ll join up as soon as I get the chance!