Xbox One Is Very Badly Optimised! I Feel Nauseous!

Pre-ordered and downloaded the Handsome collection last week and started the game up this morning to play it. Boy was i in for a shock, the framerate dips into single figures making the game almost unplayable, especially when zooming in with sniper scopes. Pop up is worse than on the 360 and my main character teleports across the screen is certain circumstances! These issues are bad enough but the worst of the bunch is the micro stuttering it’s constant, this causes feelings of nausea and makes the game unplayable!

How on Earth can this be so bad? I refuse to start the game up again until these MAJOR problems are resolved, as for multiplayer, you have got to be joking in these conditions!

This game runs worse than the 360 version!

Very very disappointed!


hmm…i’ve yet to experience these issues while playing on my xbone…you should try holding your mouth like this :open_mouth: when you start the game up next to see if it helps…you never know.

I don’t notice anything wrong with 2. Presequel has some issues but even then nothing thst makes it unplayable.

BL2 runs smoothly for me but as others on here have mentioned TPS is having issues with screen tearing which is really bad and surprising that released without having that resolved.
They have announced they are working on it.

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I have the same problems that elfishgene is mentioning. My problems are on BL2 as well. Laggy at some points with menu screens extremely slow as well as actual playing hurtful to the eyes. The tearing in The Presequel is wayyyy better to look at than BL2. Hopefully a fix will be out soon.

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I’m having the same issues, it’s terrible. I’ve basically told all my friends who own an Xbox One not to buy the handsome collection until it gets patched. I’ve been waiting for this since I heard it was announced as I played the ■■■■ out of BL2 on 360 and got rid of it before the pre-sequel dropped and this has been such an utter disappointment. I really hope developers take a good long look at this and the master chief collection before deciding to port anything else to Xbox One…


Yeah while I do think that there are some problems on the developers end, I think the new systems have some major design flaws when compared to the problems their predecessors had.

Hey guys,

Just wanted to pop in and let you all know that, while the team is aware of these issues and currently investigating them, there’s some great feedback in this thread that I’ll definitely pass along to them. Thanks!


date of the next patch that fixes this? XBOX ONE

that would be sometime not this week…just be patient, they’ll get it all fixed i’m sure everybody just needs to be calm and let gearbox work their magic.

Its so bad to a point where I dont want to play. The southern shelf had 20FPS when I look out into fire, break something, shoot explosives or anything else thats an effect or draw distance. This better get fixed. Drop it down to 900p for all I care, just make it 60fps constant.


I have now made more space on my HD and re-installed the game twice, if anything it’s now worse! People are saying there is a 16 gig day one patch, well i have not seen this, my game has now downloaded twice with no extra patch asppearing!

All of this is to do with Borderlands 2, as of yet i have not started the sequel.

I’m pretty sure the 16 gig patch was for pre sequel and it was mostly due to the claptrap dlc.

Well I am about five or so hours into BL2 and level 14 on Xbox one. Just doing a indoor mission and I don’t know why they released this in such a shocking state. In some of the large rooms or during corridor fire fights it feels like the frame rate is going from 60 to around 15. I don’t know how they could fix this bar say dropping it to 720p.


I don’t see any reason the resolution should be 720p - the PC GPU that the Xbone SoC most closely resembles (Radeon 7790 or R7 260X) can play Borderlands 2 at 1080p well over 30fps, though not quite 60. The Xbone has a lower-level API that should let Gearbox squeeze the most performance out of it. The current performance (which the entirety of the internet is complaining about today) isn’t where it should be - and joegbx basically already said it when he said they were investigating.

Personally I’m holding off on this until a performance patch comes. 900p seems like a reasonable compromise if the GPU is really holding the game back.


I have given up for now, the game is completely unplayable, it makes me feel sick after just five minutes of play. Other friends on the Xbox are reporting the same issue with one friend saying his game practically stops in co-op.


Screen tearing is bad on pre sequel. It’s playable though. 2 I have no issues with. I really hope they can patch up the pre sequel issue. Will be unfortunate if they can’t.


I don’t know a lot about frame rate and all that stuff, so don’t judge me too harsh if I sound stupid, but when I play borderlands 2 its only in certain areas of the game where as my character stares the frame rate drops but others are perfectly fine. I though at first it was my xbox one but it only happens with borderlands 2 and not pre-sequel or any other game that I own. So I hope it gets fixed.

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Great to hear it’s being worked on, i’m also on xb1 and having a bad time with TPS :frowning: hope you guys can find a quick fix for this though, good luck :smile:


It’s strange isn’t it, on my friends list on the XO, half my friends are having horrendous issues while the other half seem to doing ok (though all have reported bad slow down in big fights.)

My digital version is unplayable, but those with the disc seem to be ok?