[Xbox One] LF Terror annointed The Flood

Looking for a Terror annointed The Flood pistol, have a few juicy bits to trade if interested. GT - JohnJohn741, shoot me an invite or a message

I might have what your looking for, I will check later today when I’m done work. What terror anoint are you looking for?

preferably the ammo regen one, my thinking is that itll hopefully make the clip last a good bit longer

I don’t think i have that one, but have a few pistols like the Thorns. I can check when i get home. I was running a terror ammo regen build for fun, just don’t remember what i had.

thats what im tryin to go for, would a grenade mod or a shield mod work better for that build? of just having the annoint on the gun?

I have grenades and shields that give you terror, i think the grenade was a Piss one

I have a Hex that gives terror, but thank you for saying so. Im really just looking for good weapons now

got a bunch, a mule with 40 of them. Can always check

That would be sick man, thanks for even checking

I know there is a cutsman, thorns, fire lucians, scourge, for sure. Just going off memory, haven’t played that build in a month.

Whatever youre okay with trading, id be happy to accept. a cutsman and a lucians sounds particularly solid in a terror build

Whats your Gt mate? DUH, NM, i see it

Same as my Username here, JohnJohn741