(XBOX ONE) LF Weapons

Hi there,

Im bored to farm, about two weeks and no weapon as i wanted… So i count on you.

Im looking for :

  • Kaoson / radiation mayhem 10
  • SandHawk / radiation mayhem 10
    -Monarch / Radiation - corro mayhem 10

Everything with the anointed :
-Gain 300% increased Weapon Damage against enemies above 90% health
-On action skill end - 100% increased weapon damage

I have some weapons, ask what you want, i’ll see if i have what you want x)

Really, thanks take the time to read and maybe help me to have these weapons


I have OPQ and Yellow cake with 300/90 along with some more mayhem 10 weapons.

Do you have anything with phasecast annointments that are mayhem 10.

I already have some opq and yellowcake, but i’m looking for kaoson, monarch, sandhawk, plaguebearer, blackburner and the reflux with the annointments 300/90 or 100%

Which annointments is that (what you need)?

I have quite a few 300/90 weapons and 100 ase weapons on my trade page,mayhem 10 weapon trades is the title if you wanna check it out :slight_smile:

up x)

up x)

@nomades005 I’ve got a Radiation Sandhawk you can have . Hit me up on Xbox. Add OhmBoySO