Xbox One Loading screen

Hi, since yesterday i can’t play the game. The game dont move from loading screen with claptrap moving around.
I already did: format the console, did a power cicle, removed the save games from the console and removed my account.
Nothing change.

Any ideias to help me here.

Does the progress bar that now appears during the claptrap bit move at all, or is it completely stuck?

Also, make sure that there are no game or system updates sitting in your queue after the format.


The bar goes around 75% and stops there.

There is no system our store updates. No other app running.

Just fired my copy up to double-check, and it did make it all the way through. Just for comparison, mine is on original XB1, version, and the game is using 256 MB of reserved space on disk (in addition to the profile-specific game saves). Do you have at least that much free space on your hard drive?

You could try clearing the reserved space and restarting the game (although the format should have cleared that as well?) Otherwise, unless there’s some obviously difference between your and my game versions, I’m not sure what to suggest: you’ve already tried all the trouble-shooting steps I can think of.

I’m on Xbox One S and have the same version of you with the same space.
And yes, i have at the moment 256Gb available.
I’m trying to see where is the problem. Game our my Xbox.

When you said you formatted the console, do you mean a full factory reset (wipe and reinstall everything)?



Unless 2K support has any other suggestions, then, I’m at a bit of a loss - if it was a bad sector on your hard drive, the reset should have avoided that. Link for support is in the pinned post at the top of this section. Unfortunately, they’ll probably ask you to do all the things you’ve already tried anyway.