(Xbox One) looking for peeps to run around with(since they don't have a Xbox One category on here)

Looking for people to do some missions with on my handsome jack character. Add me or msg me LovelyCalf80042

There is an X1 section in the Handsome Collection category. I’ve moved your thread there.

I’m happy to help but I don’t know how to add you, also looking for other people to play borderlands with

No one’s willing to say how much it sucks
Hot fixes farming hours upon hours looking for a weapon to get to the next section of the map
You Gear Box will not get another anointed dime from me! Where is the enjoyment of being wasted with one shot kills? That’s it, I’m done :white_check_mark:


But you didn’t need to necro a 5 year old thread…in the wrong section…

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