XBOX ONE Matchmaking Not Working?

Im never getting matches for any modes in the game… Is this a known issue? Any fixes out there? Basically I can’t play the game :frowning:

Hey. I put you over to the Xbox one support to heighten your chances of solving this issue.

Also, please put in a support ticket.

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Thanks… Don’t know why matchmaking just spins but never matches…

There seems to be some reports of this occurring, and I don’t doubt the Devs are looking in to it as we speak.

I had this problem too. The router’s NAT type (strict/moderate/open) is likely the problem (needs to be set to Open). In your router set up a static IP for the XB1, and port forwarding. Here are some links to help.

Xbox Network Support

How to Setup a Static IP on XBOX ONE

Thanks Lt.Robbiesan…

However, I’ve had no other issues with any other games… This is a random issue… additioanlly, the game worked on Release Day, but it hasn’t worked properly since…

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I hope so… someone from Gearbox has contacted me… however, they thought I was playing NBA 2k… dont know why… I specifically used the box for Battleborn…:frowning: Also, the only solution they had was “clear the cache”

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