XBOX One Motion blur

Hi, is there anyway to disable motion blur on the xbox one? The game is beautiful but currently nauseating (and laggy).

Is there a hidden option somewhere or a patch coming?


I watched the youtube live stream yesterday the IGN stream and they show you how to turn it off in the beginning of the video. Its in the options somewhere if you can’t find it check the video its a 5 hr video but the guy changes it in like the first five minutes of him playing

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just type in borderlands 3 gameplay and it should be one of the first ones to chose from

That must have been on PC, my visual options menu (from the main page) only has 4 options. And I dont have any way of controlling resolution

If you have a 4k tv then it’s in one of the tv setting. It’s Auto Motion Blur but if you don’t then I don’t know. Sorry.