Xbox One / Multi causes character deletion

A #1; I am a newbie to BL2; T.H.E. so forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

Started a new character, Psycho, to play some multiplayer last night went to quit and the game froze due to ‘connection issues’. Double checked connection and found out that " Xbox is having issues on our side" error message.

Opened up BL2 today and my Lvl 30 Assassin had been deleted and replaced by 3 slots of the Lvl 5 Psycho… Wrote to 2k - no reply after the auto response “well get back to you” and called Xbox support who replied me to 2K.

ANYWAY way to get back my Lvl 30 Assassin?

This is super disappointing

You might just have to be patient. It was a busy few weeks for gearbox with the CTT and Patch.

Yeah, I get that and fair point. And truthfully, the cynic in me just believes that no one will bother replying but you are right.

  • addendeum

After some forum searching I found that there is a noted glitch with the exact situation I have had yesterday. In addition, we tried to play a 4-player multi game with Guest accounts (just like yesterdays) that froze out again after ‘saving and quoting’ that refers to a ‘no network connection’ even though there isn’t any issue with connectivity with any other applications and double checking with the Xbox Ones internal settings.

Also, FYI - We then tried for my ‘guest players’ to create xbox profiles with an outlook email with the same freezing due to ‘network connection’ prompt but no other characters were deleted. Just a note that all three other characters are unharmed and saved fine. The only real casualty of this glitch is the character deletion the first time around.

Check out my post. This happened to me around the same time.

Actually, much to my surprise, 2k support reached out to me about an hour ago. They were super responsive ( about 24-hours) and apologetic but I am screwed.

As i had thought as much but they did offer to compensate me ( although I don’t know how that would be possible ) which I thought was extremely generous.

To me I couldn’t have asked for anything better - they were sympathetic, polite, and responsive = Color Me Impress 2K!!

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