I have the level cap increase but no hearts…why do I keep playing this ■■■■■■ beta.

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Back to main screen, wait for hotfix probably.

I have the hot fix. I am seeing level 53 green weapons and I’m getting EXP. Tried five different zones. No hearts.

Level cap will be a patch. A hotfix needs downloading when you load up the game.

If you don’t see a “hotfix applied” sign behind your Vault Hunter on the main screen, it’s not there.

I have the sign. I can see the Broken Hearts rewards and what I need to do, no mobs have hearts.

Then the event must’ve been toggled off, there’s bound to be some way to turn it back on. Since they added the ability to opt-in/opt-out of the event.

I’m on right now. Update installed, hotfix correctly showing the Broken Hearts panel at the main menu, and Maurice has hearts on his antennae (did he have antennae before?!) Haven’t seen a heart yet, and talking to Maurice did not give any indication that there was an event happening. I’m just about to head down to Athenas on a new mission, so I’ll see if that does the trick.

Looks like loading into a map other than Sanctuary or the one I was on when the game started has done the trick. 5 hearts in about 10 seconds…


Logged in and out about 20 times. Good news is the event loaded. Bad news is the wrong event loaded…

Hearts seem to pop up around humans. I ran Athena’s and guts of Carnivora a couple times and got all of them.

Yeah, I haven’t seen hearts either. PS4, played Scraptrap & Takedown. Got to level 53. Have the option to “Disable the Event.” Guess I’ll try Athenas.

It’s working for me in proving grounds and slaughters on XBL but nowere else.

It’s working for me whilst farming Lev 53 cutsman

I was playing co-op tonight (not hosting) and didn’t see a single heart during that time. When I played solo I got hearts in the Proving Grounds, and Sanctuary, but nowhere else…

I’m on Xbox One

I was seeing them wherever I encountered enemies on XBOne except for the area leading up to Shiv. I also could’ve taken a screenshot with Terror status, given that some of the hearts spawn ghosts.

It’s possible the host had either turned the event off, or not waited for the hotfix to load before starting their session.

The hearts seemed to be spotty. I saw a lot of them in some areas and none in other areas.