Xbox One no one online at all?

Ok in my eyes this confirms it. I was already suspicious to begin with because…really? I can’t be the ONLY PERSON in this entire region playing Borderlands 2. Also noticed ppl seemed to be streaming Bl2 anytime I got on so I knew something was wrong. Didn’t put too much thought into it until this impossible UVHM.

Has anybody tweeted them or something? This seems absurd that an issue this huge would still be broken if its been going on for weeks or more. I cant even find anything mentioning this online other than you guys saying its happening to you too. I can’t imagine the Xbox One Borderlands 2 community is THAT huge but still… A big name game like this has its entire online component severely broken for weeks now?

Well, we know that they know about the issue. Tweeting about it won’t make them any more aware. Submit a support ticket, though, please.

Some bugs are hard to fix. It may take some time.

I’m having thr game issue my gt is MJRxxMARSBARxx feel free to add me

Same issue here. Only had the game a few day though. If anyone wants to add me my gt is stroppymantra

Sent a ticket. They said they are aware of the problem and working on it. Can’t give me a date for the fix though

this seems to be the case for a few

also was/is a glitch that affects whether the game shows up in match making, used to be / mabe still is a glich that if you are over level 73 (OP #) and host an open game , that that game will not show up in match making and that may be affecting a few

MP appears to be completely broken for HJC. It also is doing the same thing in the pre sequel. I have never been able to get a single joinable match. Only people who can see or join you are frieds.

My GT is “Semper Volo”

Anyone PLEASE feel free to add me simply to play BL 2 on the xbox on because it is very hard to have fun playing it solo. I have noticed that many others have been experiencing problems not only finding people to play with via matchmaking but also simply trying to play with friends… I feel this is an error on gearbox’s part and they need to address the issue ASAP. I do not think we will be able to play otherwise. But we can keep trying.

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whats your level i just started i am level 15 right now but wouldnt mind being boosted

Perhaps the bug in HC BL2 matchmaking is that the option for Public is mistakenly coded to be either Friend’s Only or Invite Only, when it is supposed to be Public (aka Everyone)…

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not the case for me it all depends on what time you play because i made a match in presequal and had 3 unknown people join once i changed my network options

anyomne who wants to add me my gt is PHub07

like level 59 i think…doing an UVHM play on BL2 currently.

I have the same issue. I contacted 2k cause it wasn’t on their list of known issues and it took them a good 3 weeks to say that it was their issue and that they are working on it (at first they said it was my network :open_mouth: )
Add me on Xbox gt is Stonedtrippy if you want someone to play either BL2 or TPS, I play most nights.

Even if you set the options to public nothing changes. I played for over 5 hours during peak gaming time in UK with a public game and not one person joined. I have spoken to 2k and they have said that it is an issue they are aware of and are working on.

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Gt for Xbox One: Kulgan74. I’ve just started Ultimate Vault hunter mode on both games.
I hope they do fix the issue soon. Online matches is what makes this game worthwhile to play after beating most its content.

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ok thank you for stating the fact that developers are working to find solution… Now I know that the problem that exists is on their end rather that on the gamers’

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Just add me or drop me a message. I’m playing everyday with multiple characters.