Xbox One (OG) Crash at Start Menu

Haven’t touched the game in almost a year now, decided to come back and install the new DLC and play through new content. Game goes through the developer clips and the long loading screen at the beginning, but as soon as it gets to the main menu where you have to sign in, it just hard crashes to the dashboard. Every. Time.

I’ve reset my Xbox multiple times, Cleaned Cache multiple times, and am now finally uninstalling and reinstalling the whole entire game. I doubt it works though. Any ideas on how to fix this problem, or is this just a case of Gearbox still not fixing issues and I need to wait another year before finally enjoying this game?

Sounds like something was corrupted, so hopefully the reinstall fixes things. I’ve personally had very few issues with the game on original XB1, but it does seem to require some regular maintenance (a bit like a Bethesda game) Did you nuke the game’s reserved storage partition at all (the 2 GB one that shows underneath the profile save game partitions)? The one time I had repeated crashes during the launch process, clearing that seemed to do the trick.

Yeah i have the same issue, I’ve cleared the cache, reinstalled it, hard reset and still for months it’s been like that

I had a similar issue when I tried to load the game offline. Luckily for me just loading online works fine.