Xbox one play with 360

Title really says it. I’m try to play got 360 with Xbox one goty. I have seen some people saying they can but not sure how. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m really not sure what you mean in your post. Are you asking about playing co-op with one player on XB1 and one on 360? That’s possible if and only if the XB1 player is using the backwards compatible version of the game.

The new XB1 GOTY Remaster obviously only runs on XB1. Since it’s treated as a separate game and runs natively on XB1, you can only co-op with other players on XB1 also running the remastered version.

Hope that answers your question?

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Thanks. That was the problem I was trying remastered Xbox one version with the old 360 version. Thanks again

It’s possible to have both the backwards compatible and the remaster installed on your XB1 at the same time, especially since the save files are separate.