Xbox One - Please show Player Profile Pics in Player Card

Going to guess this is the same on other platforms…

But how can you see which way your team is voting for maps etc, if their player profile pics are absent as they are post Winter Update?

Can we get them back if this is not a bug from update?


Same thing happening on PS4 as well. Yeah, i have no idea what way my team is voting, and it’d be nice to help people get a map they want to play on. Right now for all i know i could be ‘that guy’ crushing their dreams every time

I’m confused, why would you need to know who’s voting for what?

Couple of reasons. So that i can vote for the same map / mode as my friends. Alternatively so i can vote the same map / mode as the randoms on my team. This is even more important if they don’t have mics, or have their mics in. On a more meta level, and you’ll laugh maybe, but to me i think this is a big deal competitively. Some premades just prefer certain maps / perform better on them. If i see several people from a team voting for one thing, i’ll try to rally my team to vote the opposite so to deny them the advantage of playing on their preferred map

That’s not even getting in to knowing certain players tend toward certain characters, and there’s a competitive advantage to denying them a map that their character of choice performs better on


I throw my support behind this initiative as well!


Agreed. I’d like to know who’s voting for what.