Xbox one pre sequel unable to join friends due to different patch

I am unable to join any friends games, I receive a pop up saying we are on different patches. I have also not received my keys, weapons or badass points. I have uninstall and reinstalled the game but the problem is still happening.
Anyone else having same issue or know of a fix?
Please help

Make sure you both have the latest updates for the game fully downloaded and installed.

Regarding BAR:

Regarding Loyalty Rewards:

In having same issue, any ideas here?

After installing and reinstalling a couple of times it decided to start working properly. A pain in the ass but hope this fixes it for you too

Same issue is happening to me. Fully installed. Fully patched. For both of us. It’s annoying

On my third re installation it allowed me to start the game at about 55% install and let me join my friends game, no issues from that point onwards (other than awful screen tearing)