Xbox One Pugs not cutting it, need help :(

Trying to complete Thorn’s “The Last” lore which is to complete the Archive on Advanced without losing any lives.

Question: I just realized that might mean for the entire team? I.E. Might as well run it on Hardcore? Can someone confirm this for me?

I have run the Archive on Advanced with Deande and Rath with pugs and even have a gold, but for some reason now that I need to for lore I can’t seem to find a single group capable of keeping the damn sentry alive! If anyone could add me on xbox in order to run this with me that would be wonderful :slight_smile: my GT is below!!

P.S. At the time of posting it is 5:45 AM where I am, I will be going to sleep now but will respond to any friend requests upon waking up. Thank you!!

GT: ZabuzaMomochee

There’s a matchmaking area for a reason and it’s clearly labeled as such.

You might as well run Hardcore just to be safe that you can restart as fast as possible if you fail the Lore Criteria.
Since enemies scale, you may also want to run just two people instead of queuing for a group.
That gives you the advantage of someone to revive even though you can’t lose lives.

Most of the times I fail the mission is in pugs because they both 1) spawn too many enemies at the same time in different places, and 2) advance the Sentry and story without everyone being together.
I’m EST on XBone, but if you need it we can do it later on, GT same as forum name.

I know lol, I wasn’t sure if this went under matchmaking or campaign as I was seeking campaign assistance, sorry :slight_smile:

Tyvm, I will most certainly add you. I have a few friends who play but they are more or less exclusively PvP, if they are not up to running it I will see if you’re up to giving it a try!

Says matchmaking and Co-op.

Ok, I gotcha and like I said: Sorry.

No need to get snippy