Xbox One - Really loving BL3!

My husband and I are really enjoying BL3 so far. I’m playing Amara, he’s playing FL4K.

The only complaint we really have so far is that the text is very difficult to read on the items and when the players are talking and we’re playing on a rather large tv screen. I have to walk up to the screen and get close to read it; and that’s with my glasses on!

My husband has perfect vision and he can’t read the text either.

I don’t suppose there’s any way to increase that font size at all, is there?

I think i saw a UI slider in options somewhere. That should help a little :smiley:


The UI slider doesn’t really help with the font issue, it just gets rid of the fish-eye appearance and definitely helps in that regard. I would recommend everyone put in an actual support ticket regarding the font issue. Maybe once they get several thousand tickets for this issue they will assign a team to work it out.
In the mean time, I took one of my dining room chairs and put it near the TV so I could read when trying to compare weapons and stuff. It helps, but I’m still having to take a break every 45 minutes or so to keep from getting a headache.

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