Xbox one S game freezing

I recently downloaded BL3 and it has been unplayable. The most I can get is a minute of gameplay before a long screen freeze while the sound is still playing in the background. I have a relatively new Xbox one S and have tried many the tips (cache clear, uninstall and reinstall) but to no avail. Anyone else still experiencing this?

Yes lots of people, no fix in sight.

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Yeah as @MEHDALS stated you are no where near alone with your issues. A lot of us have had the crashes and lock ups since the games release and as you can tell if you looked around it has still yet to be addressed by GBX. Best I can tell you is to fill out the trouble ticket and go down that rabbit hole. If you bought it fairly recently you can try to get a refund but doubt that will happen.

Also it is not just the Xbox One, S, X but also the new generation of consoles as well are having issues. Guess the only good news I can tell you is that BL1, BL2 and BLTPS all work just fine…go figure.

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