XBox One S - need a corrosive level 72 Infinity, can will trade for a variety of 72 level items

Hi there. So, I’ve been farming for several weeks now, solo and have a acquired a bunch of legendaries including the Norfleet, Nukem, Slagga, DPUH, Blast proof Bee, Bitch, CC, Sham, Vengeful and shock Infinity, Volcano, Invader, etc etc. But no matter how much I farm I just can’t get a Corrosive Infinity which I really want fir when I play the DLCs for the last time.

Anyone fancy trading?

XBox One S - HeavenlyOrphan6

Only need a Quasar and a Corrosive Infinity now. but I’ve farmed them for weeks and I just can’t get a drop.

Where is my knight?

Are you farming Doc Mercy?

Yep. Just dropped it finally lol. edit: meh just noyiced it’s only lvl 71. That won’t do :frowning:

Also need a quasar. Been farming that for weeks as well. Varkids just won’t drop it.

Also could do with a corrosive Bee for Pete farming later on but willing to farm forever for that too I guess…

Were you aware that you need to “evolve” the varkids into Ultimate Badass Varkids, which can have a chance to drop the Quasar? Just making sure you’re aware of them dropping from UBA varkids specifically. :acmaffirmative:

Yeah I knew that cheers.

An Angel came to me in the night and gave me the most wondrous gifts.

All is well.

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