Xbox One save corrupted

When I go to my character select screen 2 of my toons have disappeared and I see 3 copies of the last character that I played. 2 of them say that the save is broken. :frowning:

Any way to get my characters back or do I have to delete them and lose all my progress?

My XB1 save corrupted and resulted in the loss of the latest lvl 72 character build. I was able to reload the old Maya lvl 72 from the original transfer from XB360 to XB1 in the Handsome Jack Collection. Otherwise, it would have meant restarting with a lvl 1 character.


Same think happened to me earlier this week. 2 of my tunes disappeared. I have 5 copies of the last character that I played. 4 of those say the save is broken.

The fifth continues to work; however, all my skins, keys and badass points are gone.

Frustrated for sure, I inquired with XBOX to see if they could recover earlier game saves from the cloud - they said not possible.