Xbox one save problems

Help! My game isn’t loading where I left off

So I’ve been playing borderlands for a bit now, I’m on Xbox one. Well I had made it to level 11 one day and then the next day picked up and got up to 15. Cool, right?

Okay so I go a few days after that and jump on and I’m back down to 11… I was pissed. I didn’t even want to play after that. So frustrating. I then take some time to cool off and try it again and do some research on why it would do this. I did the whole “quit to the main menu” option thinking it would save. Got on the next day get all the way to level 20. Awesome guns and my skill tree build just the way I wanted, defeated some pain in the ass bosses. Grinded literally all day. I then quit to the main menu before I exit the game completely. My boyfriend comes home and I go to join his game and it gets stuck on character pending, so I quit to the main menu. And quit the game and restarted my Xbox. I load the game back up… and bam Level 11 again. So aggravated with this game atm, I’ve never had this issue with any other game. What can I do? Am I just screwed? I’m not sure why it would just start doing this out of nowhere considering it saved to level 11 just fine.

Im not personally on xbox but ive read some of the issues. Are your saves automatically being uploaded to cloud?
If possible there should be a way to force it to upload as thats the only place that would be holding that lvl 11 account

Yeah I’m not sure, I thought it would just continue to save as normal considering I’ve not changed any of my settings or anything. I’m not even sure where to check that on my Xbox, I’ve looked in all my settings and can’t find anything about the cloud.

It does seem like it’s the problem…
copied this from xbox support;
“On Home, select My games & apps. Highlight the game, press the Menu button  on your controller, and then select Manage game & add-ons. In the menu on the left side of the screen, scroll down to Saved data, then highlight the saved data for your gamertag on the right and press the A button  on your controller.”

Hi there,

There is no setting to turn XB1 cloud sync on/off - it’s always on by default. There are a couple of things that can happen that might result in a save reverting.

  1. Corruption of the local file - if the game detects the file is corrupted, it tries to revert to a local backup. That could be quite a way behind the main save, however, since the backup isn’t updated every time your save file updates.

  2. Corruption of both local file and backup, overwritten by cloud sync - not much you can do about that one. It’s better than completely losing the save though.

Here’s some things that can throw off the system and result in these problems:

  • losing connection to XBLive during a session, so that the local save doesn’t get sync’d
  • force-quitting the game or losing power while the save file is being updated (even momentarily)
  • losing connection to an on-line coop game while your save file was updating
  • signing out or shutting the console down before it can upload to the cloud at the end of a session
  • game crash

Note that XB1 cloud sync only checks if files need syncing when you launch and quit the game.

A couple things you can try if this is still happening.

Test if cloud sync is even working. Load up your game and go somewhere different, save and exit, quit out of the game. Next sign out of your xbox profile so it will kick off the cloud sync. Next go to the game options and delete all local save files ** Careful to only delete the local files ** After that sign your profile back in and relaunch the game, Once you are on the main menu screen you should get a popup saying “syncing” or something similar (this is the game downloading your saves from the cloud). Load back in and see if it loads in where you had previously saved or not.

If that isn’t working, then something is wrong with the cloud sync, possibly a corrupt cloud save. You might have to contact MS support for that one.

Another thing to try to check your local save, is to go offline. Load into the game and travel somewhere else, save/quit, exit and shut down the game completely. Load back in and see if it loads up where you were. If this doesn’t work then you probably have a corrupt local save file (previous step would have cleared this tho).