Xbox one server down?

Is anyone else having issues getting the game to launch on Xbox one. I played about 3 matches of PvP and the got kicked to the home screen where I was then unable to get back in the game

I’m having problem connecting on PS4 too. Can’t find the server and when it success, it can t find a game. I find player but when i choose the map it just go back to the queue

i was able to log in, but i cant find any mtaches

im having the same issues on xbox

Same issue across all systems (there’s another thread about PS4, and I cannot connect on PC).

Guess we either need to wait till it is fixed or until Gearbox posts an announcement…

EDIT: It also took me 2 attempts to log back in after I tried restarting the game to see if that would help (first one failed and gave me some dumb message about checking my firewall lawl).

Same here with Xbone servers… Looks like there is a tweet about it .

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I saw that post but I was able to play a couple matches then got kicked

Ah, ofc it was a tweet. Someone linked it in the other thread (about the PS4), but I couldn’t find in on the forums - thanks for the link! n.nU

In the Mean time … Watch this and laugh …

Yes servers are ■■■■ I can’t play a match anymore

Try closing the game out completely and log back in

its e uptadeth

I did shut down my game… and try again … didnt work … still going all =P to me … and not connecting…

its 4 the new uptade guys calm down


Looks like a game is loading now for me… maybe … no as I am typeing this looks to be stuck … on the loading screen … there it goes !

The [quote=“terryfiant2008, post:14, topic:1354611, full:true”]
its 4 the new uptade guys calm down

The “balance” update already happened today - this is a server error. They posted a tweet about it.

well i cant even start my game now

All the authentication servers appear to be down - just be patient, they said they are working on the issue:

I was going to pre order it all today I played like all day and night yesterday love the game a few issues like I really wish you could co-play locally with friends you have over

But I have not been able to play all day today after getting home from work it just sits searching for players and teammates

Still unable to play with any one on Xbox 1 what’s going on this is really depressing and sad because I was just getting into the game and deciding to buy it now with the season pass or wait