Xbox one shutting down, any suggestions or solutions yet?

Recently started to play again and am finding random shutdowns of the console.
I have changed the setting to performance and shutdown the game at the end of sessions but it still keeps happening.
Also disabled the Cartel dlc atm as this seems to make it hapen more.

i’m playing Flak in the Love and Tentacles dlc and it happens more than when i was playing Mose in the Handsome Jackpot using Nuke build.

Any suggestions on a fix?

Hang in there :slightly_smiling_face:
The update comes out this week on June 4th. Keep your :crossed_fingers:
On Xbox also and have been crashing back to the Xbox home screen one or twice a day for a while now. 2k support was no help.

PS: Welcome

Me and a friend are getting this constantly, any updates on this?