[Xbox One] Split screen glitch

My buddy (Maulfist96) and I were playing around online split-screen with another friend. When we left the game, for some reason the game switched ownership of our characters. He now has my Zero and I have his Salvador. Is it possible to get it switched back? I don’t want my friend to have to play my account any time he wants to play his character.

Are you sure it’s not just that the controllers got switched? I’ve had that happen with the BL1 remaster. Have you quit and restarted the game at all?

I have made sure it isn’t just the controllers. This happened 2-3 days ago. Our profiles have the game save of each others character.

A Freaky Friday glitch? :dukefp:

All I can suggest is that each of you file a support ticket so that Gearbox know about the issue. I would imagine trying to replicate the glitch to see if it reversed the saves would be a nightmare. I can’t think of any legitimate way around this.

I greatly appreciate it regardless. He posted a ticket the day it happened. I was just hoping someone else might have experienced this and may have known some sort of fix. I’ll most likely be opening my own ticket now. Have a great day, and you’re awesome!