[Xbox One] super deluxe steelbook problem?

I ordered the borderlands 3 Super Deluxe edition and i love the game, but is it just me removing the disc wrong or does it feel like you’re going to snap the disc as you try to take it out of the steelbook? i really don’t want to have to replace the disc or have a warped disc from bending it as i pry it out of the case.

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I’ve had all sorts of cases where the disk was an extremely tight fight, and I did indeed end up cracking some of them right at the start of the disk (centre) - they actually delaminated, and also damaged the optical drive on my console.

So, while it’s nice to have the steelbook, I would just grab a different case for the game disk itself that wasn’t as tight and easier to get the disk in/out of without it flexing.

@joshuamichaeljam The way I take all my games out is by pressing the release before pulling the disc out. I used to press and pull at the same time and that was a no no if you want to protect the disc. If you press the centre release first before grabbing the disc outta the case it should be fine. Just make sure the entire disc is loose out of the center release button first.

I have the steel box too and yeah its hard to get the disk off, the middle part that holding the disc is very stiff that you cannot just press it and the disc pop up like the usual case.


It’s weird that you’ll get cases like that every so often. We’ve got a fairly extensive library of game disks for everything from PS2 to XB1. I reckon that about 10% of the them have centre tabs that simply don’t release easily no matter how hard you press down. At this point, I keep a few spare cases handy…

the steelbook doesn’t have a release button like other xbox one games, it doesn’t push down to release, its a solid piece with little plastic pieces on the outside of it that slide over the disc to keep it in place

If you don’t mind doing slight damage to the inside of the case, you could shave the tabs down a bit with a sharp craft knife or scalpel.

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if it makes sure that the disc doesn’t warp or crack i’ll do it, i dont need it to be in mint condition. Good idea, i’ll try it out. Thanks