[XBOX ONE - THC] ]DLCs build in or do i have to Download it?

I dont know why but now after month i can join online matches… Yes!
What about the DLC? Do i have do download them ? I really dont know what is content for Borderland 2 and whats a DLC :stuck_out_tongue:

Im playing the Story mission and im lvl 22. Can i do something wrong during the story mission or do i guided through the Bordlerland 2 Story and automatically the correct way of DLC ?

Sry for my english but i think you know what i mean :smiley:

What is the correct Order?

When you are downloading/installing the Handsome Collection you download all the DLC for both games at the same time.

The DLCs start when you travel to their starting area.
Starting Areas for BL2 DLCs are: 1.Badass Crater of Badassitude 2.Oasis 3.Hunters Grotto 4. Unassuming Docks of little importance
I think the areas are right, but im not 100% sure bc i play the game in german language and the names are a bit different (f.e. 4. is “Bescheidene Docks”).

And there is not an order you have to play the DLCs, they are not connected storywise.

There are also all the headhunter packs (BL2) and the 2 extra characters (the mechromancer and the psycho). The HH packs have their own travel points as well. Their themes are the different holidays plus Valentine’s and Summer vacation.

All the DLC and characters for TPS are there as well.

While this is technically true, @GMCentral (and anyone else) should hold off on playing the Tiny Tina DLC (Unassuming Docks of Little Importance) until after playing thru all of the Where Angels Fear to Tread Main Story mission in Borderlands 2. TTADK DLC can spoil some of the Borderlands 2 Main Story, if you play it before completing Where Angels Fear to Tread in Borderlands 2.

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