Xbox One Transfer?

I just had a quick question regarding the transfer of a Xbox 360 char to an Xbox One Save. My xbox 360 char saves are lvl 50 as I never bought any lvl upgrade dlcs plus I had really good gear at that lvl. Is there a way to make sure that my chars stay at lvl 50 and don’t level up on my Xbox One game save. I know that the handsome collection comes with all the dlcs. So I really want to keep my chars at lvl 50 since I don’t want to grind for more legendaries if I level.

I have 0 experience with the Xbone but is it possible to pick and choose what DLC you want to download? If so I would just assume not download the lvl upgrades and just download the campaign DLCs.

I don’t believe it’s possible. When I installed the game I was able to instantly play as Krieg and Gaige as well as have their heads and skins unlocked from dlc packages. I just hope there is some other way.

Can you go into the storage settings and delete the upgrades the way you can on 360?

I don’t know, I have never really checked. I guess I will try that out

You can use the Manage feature on XBO to move, copy and delete games. THC was ported for XBO. There is no way to delete a ported upgrade. If there were, it wouldn’t run on XBO.

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Thanks, I wasn’t sure but thought it was possible. Sounds like @Neriji will be forced to earn more XP and Skill Points… dark times ahead as you out level your gear/weapons.

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A bit off topic bro. Try the Online Play and Trading section for your platform.