Xbox One X crashing at graveward

Hi guys, just want to say that I absolutely love BL3 and have put many many hours in since release, but am still having an issue with the game that I have been having since launch.

When fighting graveward, every now and again I will have my xbox one x crash when I am firing at him, and it has happened while using too many guns/grenades/abilities for me to remember, but today in particular, it was when I was using the hellshock.

My xbox is well ventilated, has nothing in the proximity to make it heat up, and it literally only happens when fighting graveward.

Any advice on this or news about any potential patches coming to rectify this issue would be great.



This is a bug specific to xbox one x only most are having thier xbox just crash randomly not at just grave ward your the first person I’ve heard with grave ward specific though but this has been an issue since launch and gearbox don’t seem to be addressing it I have an xbox X too same problem happens maybe twice to three times a week that’s playing around 8 hours every day seven days a week yes I have no life lol

Yeah, for me it is literally only at graveward and I can pretty much make it happen every time if I wanted to, but occasionally it will happen randomly while fighting him as well.

Pretty sure that it is the crazy amount of different particle effects on screen as well as the xbox trying to track damage as well as GW’s movements around the screen. Either way, it is pretty annoying and even though I hadn’t been farming GW for the longest time, I started again a few days back after getting my 2nd character from 50-53 and needing new versions of weapons I had previously grinded for.

Haha, well I haven’t put as much time in as you have, but what time I have, has been awesome. I love the game so much, and even though people will always complain, for me the only real huge change i would like to see, is solid 60fps on console, probably not feasible in this gen, but maybe on xbox series x

I’ve also found that I get crashes at Scraptrap Prime as well, but it only seems to happen if I close the game in the evening when I’m finished, and go straight in the next day when I get on without having reset the console completely.

If I do take the time to actually restart the console, it’s fine and I can get some ridiculous effects on screen with 0 problems, just when I’m going in and carrying on farming from the night before that it messes up.

Hope you’re still enjoying the game mate :+1:

I’ve got soooo many hours in BL3 and didn’t start having Xbox One X crashing issues until 2.0 and the Cartel came out. Up until then it had been smooth sailing. Both my buddy and I had the same issue over the course of 2 nights a couple weeks ago, and again, right after 2.0 and Cartel were launched. Both of us experienced crashes to the dashboard, the game main launch screen, sometimes it shut the Xbox all the way down. I wasn’t willing to have the game permanently damage my console so I haven’t played since then.

I submitted two trouble tickets to 2K Support and that has been an exercise in futility as every single reply from them has been from a bot. Actually, I don’t think Olga is a bot, but he/she asked me to submit a video of the console crashes. I just laughed and replied back and told he/she that I’m not playing “because” the game was causing the crashes and that I don’t record my game sessions.

From what I’ve read online this issue has plagued some users since the game launched 9 months ago. Some like me though it’s only been recently. Either way it’d be nice if GB or 2K would address it.

I don’t think it’s because of the activity on the screen. Per my previous reply to you I mentioned it’s only happened to me since 2.0 and Cartel launched. Prior to that I’ve farmed all the bosses, Graveward in particular, and no issues with crashing my console. I also don’t think it’s due to overheating of the console itself. In my case, BL3 is the ONLY game where this happens. We need a response from GB/2K.

Are u just freezing or full shutdown?

Eitherway i think the vfx ram gets used up and causes it go crapola. Ligjting particles reflections cause huge issues for me already. My game freezes for a second n comes back on pc.
My brother in law has it on xbox. He doesn’t play anymore.

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That’s all well and good for you mate, but I’ve had it occasionally happen since launch, always on boss fights where there is a massive amount of action on screen, and as I said before, I can pretty much make it happen any time if I was stupid enough to constantly try and make my xbox shut down.

It primarily happens without me trying after I’ve closed the xbox down overnight and turned the xbox on the next day and quick launched the game, without the full initial loading cycle that the game goes through.

And to prove it yet again, I just got to what I’m assuming is the final boss of the new DLC (obv no spoilers here at all), and as soon as I started shooting at him with a new weapon that has a lot of splash damage and particle effects, my xbox shut off.

At this point Gearbox havent sent a single reply any time that I’ve emailed, so I just have to make sure that if I’m playing the game the night before, the next day I should quit out of the game and let it go through it’s full loading cycle.

Either way, I wish somebody from Gearbox would get back to us because I love the game so much, but this kind of makes me not want to play sometimes

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I’m going to be reaching the end boss today and I’ll see what happens. It could have just been a fluke that I didn’t have any issues the other night. Yes, let’s hope GB/2K responds on this. It’s not just an isolated couple of cases. A lot of people, like you, have had this issue since BL3 launched and it needs to be addressed once and for all.

Exactly, I’ve actually submitted another support request for it today, seeing as it has happened again after playing all through the DLC without any other issues up until now. I’ll let you know of anything comes from it in here mate :+1:

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And I’m not sure if you had a chance to read some of other replies on different posts, but, out of the 3 trouble tickets I submitted only 1 was responded to be an actual human. The only way that human would help me is if I supplied a video at the moment my Xbox crashes. I told them I don’t have a setup to do that so they closed the tickets. I suggested that maybe they play/test the game on Xbox in-house and it will surely come up, no response to that.

I havent really mate, I remember I checked them out around the time the game launched which is when I first encountered the problem, but since then I just put up with it, however after getting to the boss of the new DLC and having it happen today, I have then loaded in again to try and although I didnt defeat the boss on the first run, it didn’t crash, so I loaded in again, and wouldnt you know, it has happened again.

I’m going to just send them a picture of the warning screen and send a picture of where my xbox is set up so that they can clearly see that there is plenty of ventilation. Also, the fact that this has only happened a couple of times across the many different games I’ve played since the launch of the Xbox One X, shows that something is going on with the optimisation of the game.

I’ve actually had a response from 2K support and they have recommended disabling some notifications in the xbox settings, and I will give them a try and let you know if they actually enabled me to finish the fight or not

Ok, so it could be a coincidence that their recommendations worked, but of the 5 times I tried to fight the boss, only 1 didn’t turn my console off before I turned the notifications off, and the only fight that I tried with the notifications disabled ended in my beating the boss.

So the notifications he told me to disable are all in notifications-xbox notifications and then disable messages/incoming calls/party/broadcasts, and give that a try.

Like I said it worked for me but that could be a coincidence, got to be worth a try because I was worried that I wasnt going to be able to complete the DLC storyline

Ahhhh, I’m gunna try that before I play this PM, thanks for sharing!

Yet again I’ll state that turning off system functionality isn’t a fix, it’s a bandaid.

Fix your F***ing game GB. You are sloppy at what you do.


Yep, most of the suggestions are bandaids and that’s why I had a long hiatus from the game (well, between Cartel and now).

I’m happy to report though that through about 15 hours of gameplay I’ve had no issues, no crashes. There was one change from the hiatus in that I’m playing now at M6 vs M3/4, so not sure if that has anything to do with it.