Xbox One X Fingerpointing Between MS and Gearbox

I wanted to provide a current status and the most current information I received from my various interactions with Gearbox/2k and Microsoft.

Currently with the issue that is causing Xbox 1 X systems to shutdown when joining a multiplayer game:

  1. 5 individual support tickets created with 2K, the last of which I just let expire and become closed due to lack of response or action taken by the developer.

    Of those 5 support tickets:
    3 received a response that my system was broken and I needed to contact Microsoft about a repair.
    2 confirmed that 2K was aware of the issue but had nothing further to report. The most recent one, I responded to once a week to keep the ticket open, and continually received the same, canned response: The developers are aware and working on the issue. However, 2K does not the ability to see the current status of any planned patches or fixes.

  2. I have spread word all over the forums and reddit about this. Many of you are now quite pissed that you see my name nearly daily with a very cynical and pessimistic view of this problem. Well, 60 days into the game, hasnt been fixed.

  3. I have 4 separate support tickets with Microsoft; none of which determined I should submit a repair request for my system. All 4 of the support contacts with Microsoft culminated with a known issue in the game that has to be addressed by Gearbox.

  4. 3 Refund requests for the game. The first 2 were denied with no further explanation or investigation. The current refund request was escalated and is looking into all of the channels used in order to address and resolve the issue, and how the 14 day refund deadline is/was likely not sufficient in determining if a game breaking bug was going to (or even be able to) be addressed.

The game has been uninstalled a total of 4 times, including being installed to the local hdd, an external ssd, and reinstalled locally after reset the system back to factory.

I have created brand new characters from scratch to make sure it is not a corrupted save issue.

Since through all of this, Gearbox has not said a single word about this issue while 2K support is referring me to Microsoft, and Microsoft is referring me back to 2K.

Will someone please take some ownership and have the balls to say what is going on?


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