Xbox one x multiplayer lagging &/or crashing

Just as the title suggests. What settings are required &/or specs to keep the game registering well. This has only happened when playing multiplayer circle of slaughter.

this is happening to me also, but with the whole game , not just circle of slaughter.

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I run 4K when playing solo. Tv & console match the in game resolution setting. I am going to try playing @ 1080p 60fps (tv & console) with the resolution setting on next. See if that makes a difference. I always clear my cache before I play so that’s out of the question.

I’ve run into this too. Hoping they can patch it.

I also have item placards stay on my screen which makes playing tough. It last from 10 seconds to 5 minutes.

Just flipping through backpack, to skills, to missions lags bad.

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When the item placard gets stuck on your screen, just open your menu and then exit it and the placard should be gone. This is definitely a bug and will hopefully be fixed in a patch.

My game on Xbox One X will just freeze and then crash to the home-screen, i have reinstalled the game, cleared cache, nothing works. this game is horribly optimized right now and its riddled with bugs and glitches.

That happened once after 37+ hours play time. I did as you suggested above & it went away. Playing solo for that amount of time-I probably came across less than 10 in game bugs. But multiplayer…ugh…