Xbox one X old to new now works great

I have been like the majority on these forums with my Xbox One X Project Scorpio edition hard crashing power off over and over and over under all sorts of circumstances while it never happened on any other games since I have owned it. Has to be the game. At least that is what I have thought as well as lots of people on these forums blaming Gearbox.

Yesterday I traded it in for a brand new Xbox One X with a build date of August 2019. I installed 8 full games and hard drive is about 50% full. I have played about 12 hrs now of Borderlands 3 and it has been gloriously stable. No stutters, no crashes, games joined, have had people join me, all perfection. I have never been happier.

I was positive it was the game but on a brand new console it played perfectly. I wish I knew why and I feel really bad for reporting this but in all fairness to Gearbox who deserves to hear good and bad, a new system did the trick.

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Same on ps4 pro, I bought just for this game, was better than base in performance mode… If they get the menus fixed and can optimise it more, it will be heavenly. Good enough that I am playing it all the time. This game is going to be a classic on new gen. Just a late bloom due to the incredibly high demands from a brilliant score and some very good animal/beast/boss models and epic maps. Thought some of the human models sucked a bit - maybe played too much bl2 before, and the script can be a bit tiresome - some very ill placed get woke spoonfeeding and toliet, rather than dark, humour (perhaps that’s better for all the children playing it anyway)- many side missions are ace, and overall the voice acting is engaging. Gameplay is better with better hardware. Looking forward to the patch. Not long now.