Xbox One X Shutting down but not related to co-op/joining

I’m experiencing some odd behavior with my Xbox One X when playing Borderlands 3. I had the initial issue of the console shutting down when joining friends etc as did everyone else but this is unrelated to that and has occurred more often after the most recent patch.

The symptoms I’m seeing are random shut downs when I’m playing solo or even in offline mode. Whats more alarming is the prior “co-op shut down bug” just shut the console off and I just powered it back up with no message, now I’m getting a Xbox warning saying it may be a ventilation issue.

This console has been out of it’s box for maybe 2 months so I doubt it has had time to build up any dust on the inside to cause this issue and its in an open area on its vertical stand in the same room. When the device shuts off it doesn’t even feel hot so I’m thinking this is more a game issue causing the shutdown versus the console.

TL:DR Xbox One X is shutting down when playing the game normally in offline mode (last time was Ambermire) I will say I was using the Flakker both times the shutdown occurred maybe that’s part of the issue?

Happened again this morning, turned on Xbox from being off over 13 hours, got into one fight threw 1 grenade and as I was killing a hoarder tink xbox just shut off with overheating/ventilation error.

I saw this article in another thread, hopefully its related to this issue: