XBOX ONE X Shutting off completely during Match Making or when playing Co-Op with a friend

My XBOX is basically new, completely up to date and has 87% of hits hard drive free. The only game installed is Borderlands 3.

My internet is fiber optic - 1000 megs up/down. And my speed tests are coming back 972 up /1087 down. The system is direct to modem via ethernet and I’ve tested all connections and the cable for any damage.

The system is ventilated well and played in a very cool room. I keep the temp at 67* in this particular room at all times.

Here’s what happens: After I play for a while, zone a few times with a friend in Co-op, if I switch characters and try to go back to the same game my system shuts of completely.

Or, without switching characters, if my friend takes us to sanctuary during the load screen it freezes and after a few seconds my system will shut off completely.

If I’m by myself and try to use match-making to find a host to join my system will queue as if it’s going to connect and just before I hit the load in screen my XBOX shuts off completely.

This is all when ever I’m joining other peoples’ games. If I am the host, people can connect to me just fine. The friend I play with has a markedly slower internet connection than I do, but she can stay connected to me for hours and not experience the same issue. She’s also playing on a regular XBox not a 1X.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s starting to freak me out. I don’t want a borked system because of network defect.


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