Xbox OneX Crashing

So when I use the porcelain pipe bomb on the Pain and terror boss fight it causes my Xbox to completely shut down and turn off. I tried it a second time just to make sure and same thing. My xbox did the same thing on the boss fight on eden-6 but im not sure if it was casued by the grenade mod.

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Yeah it seems that way when I use the Siren and I get into those huge battles. Xbox shuts right off. I hope this doesn’t destroy our consoles or Gearbox will be replacing mine (Project Scorpio Edition)

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Mine does the exact same thing. Anytime I use the pipe bomb on anything, it completely turns my Xbox one x off. Kind of annoying actually because of the 5 minute reboot. My Xbox crashed no fewer than 9 times last night, even without using the pipe bomb.

I’ve had this happen to me in a normal battle. And also one time when using the porcelain pipe bomb.

I am having the same issue on the Xbox one x Scorpio edition. It crashes every time I throw more than one or two pipe bomb grenades.

I had this issue and I did a factory reset and redownloaded the game and it’s been running fine after.

Yeah, Scorpio here and have same issues. Had a friend chuck pipe bombs and it powered off my system as well in co-op. Another thing that has caused xbox to completely power off is joining a friends game. I have had two other friends who have had their systems completely shut off when joining as well.

My Xbox ( scorpio) shut down completely when playing circle of slaughter. i already posted about it elsewhere. i think it’s happening with more than just pipe bombs, i think it happens when battles get yuge and there are a lot of explosions at the same time when playing online.

Yea my PC restarts when battles are getting huge and intensive. Pipe bomb and some tourge explosive weapons trigger restarts more often than other things.

I’m having the same issue (Xbox ONE X). However, mine is much more annoying. I’m on Pandora, in the Ascension Bluff area. Everytime I try to go to orbit view to change maps, my console completely powers off. So frustrating!

I also seem to get the problem when im not hosting a multiplayer game. it happens when loading in or fast traveling to another zone.

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When the Graveward drops his left hand orb thing and I chuck one porecline pipe bomb it shuts down. If he is swiping either either hand and I chuck a pipe bomb it shuts down.

Mine shuts down when joing another players game everytime so that stops me from playing the game with other vault hunters love the game but this is trash

There appears to be zero intent on fixing this issue.

Thank you EA, I mean Gearbox.

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So mine has been crashing off and on since day one and I have ignored it, but it just reset and RESET my guardian ranks. GEARBOX IT HAS BEEN OVER A MONTH! FIX THIS INSTEAD OF NERFING ■■■■!! I am livid!